3rd LTE India 2012 International Conference

For an effective utilisation of the possibilities which can be offered by LTE (Long Term Evolution), back haul is one of the most important components. The optical fibre network which is being put in place by the Government of India will close this gap and there will be range of opportunities in the rural areas which can be availed by LTE technology providers.

India is currently on the threshold of witnessing broadband wireless access auction winners introduce ultra speed mobile broadband with TD-LTE technology in the near future, and what this can do to the nation’s progress can be anybody’s guess.



With the recent launch of 4G services by Airtel in Kolkata, and more recently in Bengaluru, the tryst with 4th Generation mobile communication through TD-LTE technology has already begun. With such high speed access powered by LTE-enabled 4G speeds, users can experience improved access to web, online gaming, video streaming and social networking even while on the move.

At LTE India 2012 International Conference,New Delhi, Mr.Adrian Scrase, Head of Mobile Competence Centre, 3GPP in his introductory address stated that, “LTE was a dream for the Indian operators, but today releasing the growth & the level of satisfaction required, LTE has become a reality in India.”

It was stated that new initiatives in telecom policy, like delinking of spectrum from licence, use of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology and countrywide broadband network, along with the recent freeing of 700 MHz spectrum for telecom use, would make smartphone applications, including voice “popular and cheaper

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