41MP Camera – Nokia Pure View 808 – Coming Soon for Rs 29999

Nokia’s PureView 808 is one of the most anticipated camphones and the fact that it will be launched in India first sometime this month has only helped stoke hype around it. Not to forget that it also sports a mighty 41-megapixel sensor that has left us speechless with its imaging capabilities for the little time we got to spend with it last month. Naturally, we jumped on the news about its probable pricing yesterday, spotted in the source code of Nokia’s online store page. However, late last night a Nokia spokesperson cleared the air, denying that the device will be priced at Rs 29,999.

nokia-808-pureview-white back-and-front


“Nokia India has not announced the price of the PureView 808. We have created a product web page on our Nokia Shop for our consumers to get information about the PureView 808 features and specifications. We have not mentioned any price on the web page. The site clearly says “Coming Soon” at the price holder,”

Nokia India has not revealed the price of the device and will do so when it is launched in India.


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