F1 Themed – Angry Birds Heikki launching on 18th of June

After Angry Birds Space and the recently announced Angry Birds Theme Park, we are getting news that Rovio will be announcing the next franchise of their popular game on the 18th of June. The game is title as Angry Birds Heikki and yes if you remember correctly, F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen has been wearing a special Angry Birds helmet during the race.

The company has already put up a website with a teaser poster which shows the red bird having a reflection of a race track in its eyes.

Now we can only speculate that the game will have something to do with F1 racing, but how exactly is Rovio going to implement it will remain a mystery until an official gameplay video is released.

With already a big fortune in hand, Rovio is clearly one of the leaders in Mobile gaming and with this new launch, the numbers are only going to go higher.



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