Galaxy S III could come in April says Samsung China President: Report

SIII Launch Date

Whenever we file a story on the Samsung Galaxy S III everyone is only interested in one question. When is it coming? Well previously, we reported that it will hit India in May, but now comes the news that Samsung might actually fast track the release to April. According to a report by Maeli Business News, Samsung China President Kim Young-Ha has revealed that Samsung might be considering accelerating the release date of its latest flagship device.

Previously, many had expected the device to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress last month, but Samsung decided otherwise and said that it would launch the device at a dedicated event at a later date. We even reported on a possible render of a leaked Galaxy S III, which suggested a calendar date of May 22, indicating a May release for the device, so clearly there is a lot of confusion regarding the official launch of the device.

Hopefully all this hullabaloo will end and eager watchers of the device will be put out of their misery if Samsung indeed pushes up the launch date to April. On a curious note, If this does happen what happens to the unveiling of the Galaxy Nexus in India which was earlier scheduled for a January launch and till date is yet be seen in the country. Will Samsung abandon its Galaxy Nexus plans for the country or will it launch the Google Android 4.0 flagship device as low key mid-range device?

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