Google ‘Bouncer’ service to Bounce malware out of Android Market

Over the past few days Android’s malware problem or lack of scrubbing has hogged the limelight as various security suite vendors have highlighted the fallacies of the ecosystem. Google has come up with an apt response to this entire hullabaloo, in the form of a malware scanning app codenamed ‘Bouncer’. Only yesterday I wrote that Google must take the lead in cleansing the Android Market of malware, and here we are with ‘Bouncer’. With Bouncer Google claims it can scan the market place for malware and eradicate it without altering the user experience. Developers will just need to run their apps through a minor approval process, where the app will be scanned for all kinds of malware.

According Android’s VP of Engineering, Hiroshi Lockheimer, Bouncer can scan for recently uploaded Trojans and spyware while at same time monitoring suspicious app behaviour, which could trigger a red flag. The service also runs simulations of each app on Google’s state-of the art, cloud computing infrastructure and regularly keeps a tab on developer accounts.

Lockheimer also mentioned that contrary to all recent Android malware reports, the malware problem has dropped by 40% in the first and second halves of 2011. Apart from this he explained other security features of the platform that make it resistant from malware.

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