Google removes 50MB size cap from Android apps, bumps it to 4GB


Google has announced that the maximum size of an Android app has now been bumped up to 4GB from the previous size limit of 50MB. The company has explained that an app’s APK file size will still be 50MB in order to “ensure secure on-device storage” but the developers will be able to attach two expansion files of 2GB each. Google thinks this change will enable developers to provide better apps with richer interfaces and better 3D graphics support.

Users, before downloading a particular app from the Android Market, will be able to check out the file size and the download of the expansion files should start on its own “on most newer devices.” However on older devices, the expansion files will only be downloaded once the app (which was downloaded) runs after the initial APK file has been installed.

Another major news which will certainly make developers happy is the fact that Google will be responsible for hosting those expansion files (of 2GB each) and the developers won’t have to pay the extra “cost of file serving.” The refund period of these apps will start only when the expansion files have been downloaded. The overall news is great but we do feel that since developers will now get into the practice of making larger apps, we might need external storage space on our devices.

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