New iPad battery 70 percent larger than the iPad 2


Everyone is tripping on the Retina Display, the 5.0 MP camera with the same optics as the iPhone 4S and LTE connectivity, one of the biggest things Apple has done with its next generation iPad (“the New iPad) is maintaining the same battery performance as the iPad 2. Maintaining the same price and battery life (if not improving it) has become a hallmark of all new Apple products and the 2012 iPad is no different. Mind you, having a high resolution Retina Display and LTE connectivity are big battery guzzlers as every other vendor would tell you. Not Apple. But how did they do it?

The new iPad is just 6 mm thicker than the iPad 2 and does not feel any heavier. Yet, Apple has managed to keep the same battery life. The answer partly lies in the new battery, which is 70 percent larger in capacity but not all that bigger. The new battery is specced at 42.5 watt hour (11,666 mAh) up from 25 watt hour (6,930 mAh). And if you haven’t realized, yet, Apple is not talking about the bigger battery but just that the battery performance is the same.

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