Rifts between DataWind and Aakash assembler Quad Electronics emerge



Recently reports emerged that DataWind and Quad Electronics were in the middle of a blame game in relation to payments. Quad Electronics claimed they did receive payment from Datawind for assembly of the Aakash tablet and Datawind claimed that Quad Electronics had infringed on their intellectual property rights and had allegedly also signed a separate memorandum of understanding with IIT-Rajasthan. In the continuation of this blame game saga Tech2 reports that, DataWind CEO Sunnet Singh Tuli has called the report an inaccurate and negative sensationalist attempt. He goes on to say the company is working on the Aakash-2 and will be supplying 100,000 Aakash-2 tablets through IIT-Bombay.

In a statement Tuli says that the Aakash was designed and developed by DataWind and Quad Electronics was only sub-contracted to manufacture the product, but Quad Electronics infringed upon DataWind’s intellectual property rights and signed a direct MoU with IIT Rajasthan and then sold the product off their inventory in the open market. Intensifying his ire against the accusation from Quad Electronics on non-payment of dues, he claims no further payment is due. Datawind has since partnered with another assembler, though the name of the new partner has not been revealed.

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