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RCOM customers using Netconnect and Broadband internet services have reportedly been receiving threatening calls from lawyers claiming to represent RCOM. The modus operandi is the same for all instances. The caller introduces himself as a lawyer from the Delhi High Court and intimidates the victims into believing that a case has been registered against them for non-payment of outstanding bills. The “advocate” then threatens the victims with arrest and a hefty bail amount unless they pay their dues immediately.



A Reader Recounts His Ordeal
Sumeet Jain, a stock trader by profession, fell prey to a similar scheme. “A Delhi High Court advocate representing RCOM called up my father claiming that he had procured an arrest warrant against me for not paying a bill amounting to Rs 1765”, explained Sumeet. He claims to have been billed wrongly for free installation services and a dead connection about five years ago. “The lawyer then threatened my father that I would be arrested and produced before the Delhi High Court, which would subsequently require him to furnish a bail of Rs 1,30,000. He was given an hour’s time to pay the bill at the nearest Reliance outlet”, added Sumeet.

The ploy worked and Sumeet’s father ended up paying the bill within the deadline given by the so-called lawyer, who most likely seems to be a recovery agent acting on behalf of RCOM.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated event. Several users of Reliance’s internet services have shared similar personal accounts – each having the same modus operandi apparently involving Delhi High Court advocates and arrest warrants. Whether or not these callers are on Reliance Communications’ payroll, or if it is aware of such extortionist tactics being used against defaulting customers, that still doesn’t absolve it of what seems to be an example of criminal intimidation.

RCOM Team has clarified :

“RCOM has a well defined process and guidelines for customer interaction. We regularly audit compliance to these processes and rarely find any gap. If there is any specific complaint, we request the customer to share all details with us. We will have an immediate investigation done to verify facts. There is no arrest warrant issued for anyone”.

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. If sombody calls you claiming to represent RCOM and says he has an arrest warrant in your name, you can be sure he’s lying through his teeth. You can lodge a complaint with RCOM by clicking on this link.

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